Independent wins two contracts in Dubai

Independent Consulting has been awarded two projects by Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS) covering remote tower services and departure metering.

Independent Business Group under its business unit Independent Consulting have been awarded two projects by Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS) covering remote tower services and departure metering.

In tough international competition Independent where selected by DANS to provide consultancy services for the following two projects:

  1. Provision of Departure Metering (DMET)
    Development & Study Phase
  2. Provision of a Feasibility Study in to Remote Tower Operations
    Dubai International Airport

Provision of Departure Metering (DMET)

Within Dubai CTA there three major airports (i.e. Sharjah International Airport, Dubai International Airport and Al Makthoum International Airport) are located in close proximity to one another.

Furthermore smaller airports such as Ras Al Khaimah, Minhad Airbase and the future Ajman Airport all have traffic that impacts the departure fixes.

There is a need to implement a Departure Metering flow management capability to manage streams of traffic departing from multiple airports in periods of high demand. Furthermore, traffic departing from these airports will initially route through Dubai CTA airspace, and will then route through airspace under the responsibility of the UAE Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre en-route to exiting the UAE Flight Information Region.

The exit fixes on the FIR boundary are natural convergence points and a systemised metering and flow function is required. Independents team will describe the concept of operations, write operational requirements and a business case for a departure metering solution to address these airspace constraints within Dubai CTA.

Remote Tower Operations at Dubai International Airport

As well as being the hub for Emirates and Fly Dubai airlines, during the first quarter of 2014 Dubai became the busiest international passenger airport in the world.  As the ANSP for Dubai and the Northern Emirates DANS are compliant with the Chicago Conventions on the provision of contingency ATC facilities.

However the purpose of this project is to assess if a Remote Tower contingency solution for Dubai International Airport is feasible and potentially also applicable for Dubai World Central.

Our team of consultants includes experts from HungaroControl that are currently implementing remote tower technology in Budapest International Airport. Our team shall write a concept of operations, operational requirements and business case for the use of remote tower technology in order to provide a sustainable and safe contingency solution for the tower operations.

The remote tower project also covers an additional feasibility study to assess if remote tower technologies can be used in Dubai in order to ensure contingency sufficient enough to maintain 100% of the traffic at Dubai International.