IBG wins contract in Doha

IBG will support local partners at Hamad International Airport with the implementation of A-CDM.

IBG wins contract to support Hamad International Airport, Qatar, with implementation of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM).

Independent Business Group (IBG) is delighted to have secured a new contract with Hamad International Airport, Qatar. IBG with their proven worldwide operational expertise will support local partners (Qatar Airways, Hamad International Airport, Qatar Aviation Services and Qatar Civil Aviation Authority) with the implementation of A-CDM over the coming months.

The management of Hamad International Airport and the partners are very motivated and have recognised the benefit of implementing A-CDM to achieve the following:

  • Increased airport operational efficiency with improved predictability
  • Maximising infrastructure and resource usage
  • Unlocking any latent capacity
  • Reduced environmental nuisances
  • Reduced fuel-burn

With Qatar Airways continued annual growth, A-CDM is an essential enabler to sustain this increasing capacity demand on Hamad International Airport and Doha International Airport.