DMAN project Abu Dhabi – Certificate of appreciation

IBG procurement support of a DMAN for Abu Dhabi International Airport

Independent Business Group and its consultancy division Independent Consulting have received a letter of appreciation from Abu Dhabi Airports Company for it’s efforts to support the procurement of a DMAN for Abu Dhabi International Airport.

This task included the writing of a CONOPS and technical requirements for the procurement of a Departure Manager (DMAN) to Abu Dhabi airports. Additionally the team reviewed existing Electronic Flight Progress Strips requirements to ensure that they would fit with a delivery of a DMAN and include capability to present Target Start-Up Approval Times and Target Take Off Times calculated by DMAN for the Air Traffic Controllers.

Kim Silander led the project and participated as a subject matter expert together with Mr. Åke Wall. Both experts have a background from DMAN simulations in the G2G project and live trials in Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Kim Silander have also worked in EUROCONTROL to support the DMAN integration into A-SMGCS and to establish a European community agreed DMAN definition.

“Departure Manager (DMAN) specifications are always challenging to develop since the airport layout really impacts how the DMAN plan can be realized by ATC. This is as much a project involving expectation management, training and constraint understanding, as it is a project to define technical requirements and system design. I have seen technically fine DMAN deliveries fail due to uncertainties in the taxi out phase that have not been managed and understood properly from the customer side”, says Kim Silander, Project Manager and CEO of Independent Business Group.

This work was delivered in a timely manner to ADAC satisfaction and in early August 2016, IBG received a letter of appreciation for the work conducted.

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