CDM Training Hong Kong CAD

Independent Consulting Limited has successfully provided the first training to the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) in Hong Kong.

Independent Consulting Limited has successfully provided the first training to the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) in Hong Kong. The training was provided to management and operational staff, from 30 May until 03 June 2011, at CAD premises.

The training was part of the preparation by CAD to implement Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) at Hong Kong International Airport.

CDM aims to enhance efficiency on the airport, by improving information sharing and processes between main airport stakeholders such as the Airport Operator, Aircraft Operators, Air Traffic Control, and Ground Handlers.

The training was conducted by Dave Hogg and Eugène Tuinstra, contractors for Independent Consulting Ltd. With their Eurocontrol background, they have shared their knowledge of the CDM concept, its business case and risks, organization and communication, and steps prior to implementation.

Feedback CAD

CAD provided Independent with the following feedback:

 “Independent Consulting Limited has successfully conducted comprehensive CDM Training in Hong Kong from 30 May to 03 June 2011 given at both management and working levels to provide the attendees with the latest techniques and developments on implementations of CDM which include key topics such as:

  • CDM concepts and elements;
  • Cost Benefit Analysis;
  • Key Performance Indicators;
  • CDM in Adverse Conditions;
  • Relation with Arrival and Departure Manager System;
  • Risks and Mitigations;
  • Latest developments and best practices in European and America etc.

The interactive discussions during the training were effective and captured the interest of attendees.  In general, our training expectations have been fully met. The Air Traffic Engineering and Standards Division of the Civil Aviation Department is satisfied with the results of the training sessions and the training services provided by Independent Consulting Limited.”

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