A-SMGCS training Baku

Kim Silander from Independent Consulting has finalized a 4-day A-SMGCS training course for tAZANS in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Kim Silander from Independent Consulting have successfully finalized a 4-day A-SMGCS training course for the local Air Navigation Service Provider AZANS in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Independent contracted under SENASA  delivered the training between 8-11 April 2014 to ten Air Traffic Controllers from AZANS. The training was conducted in new ATC centre/tower building that will help in transforming Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku into a regional hub, enhancing its passenger handling capacity.

Amongst the topics covered, the students got an in-depth insight in A-SMGCS Level 1 and 2 and a brief introduction to what A-CDM is and how it relates to A-SMGCS.

The course also explained, the importance of preventative measures to ensure runway safety, establishment of runway safety teams and the importance of human factors and tower integration.

The course also covered the A-SMGCS planning (e.g. use of DMAN), routing and guidance functions with a brief look into ongoing studies covering Advanced Runway Safety Nets, Follow-The-Greens and on-board guidance.

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