A-CDM workshops in Singapore & China

Independent Consulting has, together with IATA, successfully conducted A-CDM workshops in Singapore and China, an initiative organized by IATA.

Independent Consulting have together with IATA successfully conducted Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) workshops in Singapore and China, Beijing and Shanghai. This was an initiative organized by IATA.

The first of the workshops organized by IATA was held for Changi Airport 10-11th of June. Together with IATA representatives, Independent Consulting’s Head of Aviation Efficiency Mr. Dave Hogg and senior consultant Mr. Eugene Tuinstra covered topics such as:

  • Concept of A-CDM
  • What is A-CDM?
  • A-CDM Departure Manager & ATFM
  • A-CDM proven benefits
  • The need of defined procedures before system development
  • The need of standardization globally of A-CDM procedures
  • Mapping of A-CDM benefits for Changi & China

The above topics was combined with several brainstorming sessions covering lessons learnt from other airports, project planning, implementation execution etc. Several stakeholders from the airport, airlines, ATC and ground handling where represented in the workshop and was well received by the delegates.

The two day workshop in Singapore was followed by similar workshops in Beijing and Shanghai on the 13-14th of June. This was conducted for the NCATMB and ATMB in China. Focus was more oriented to the linkage between Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) and A-CDM in a Beijing and Shanghai context. There are several initiatives in China for flow management and our team focused on bridging the gap between A-CDM and ATFM with the goal to support the current initiatives in China.