Independent saves children’s football school this summer

July 29, 2020

COVID-19 has had an impact on all levels of society, including sports. The children’s football school Skrattis, hosted by IK Sleipner, has been an annual event in Norrköping that introduces children to football. This year, the government and municipality funding were unfortunately seized and therefore Independent business group (IBG) has made contributions to make the event possible to organize. While sponsoring the football school, IBG hopes that funding may be re-instated next year when things are normalized.

-It is great that IBG can help and we would not dare to accomplish this without their support, says IK Sleipner chairman Anders Nobrant.

IK Sleipner is hosting the football school “Skrattis” in August, from the 3rd to the 7th of August in Ektorps IP, where young girls and boys aged four to eleven get a chance to play football. Since the football school is free of charge, which makes it a unique event in Norrköping, “Skrattis” makes it possible for children from vulnerable areas and without financial possibilities to join. 

– My own son got introduced to the youth academy IK Sleipner at the age of 8 and has really found love for football. When we heard that the “Skrattis” event was at risk we decided to help the club. It is also exciting to hear that IK Sleipner is forming a girl’s youth team, says IBG founder Kim Silander.

IBG has a partnership with the organizer of Skrattis, IK Sleipner, one of the oldest football clubs in Norrköping and crowned Swedish Champions once. Skrattis has a long history that stretches back decades. Named after the Sleipner legend Lars-Åke “Skrattis” Pettersson, the football school has been an ongoing attraction in Norrköping since 1981, where children aged four to eleven can participate.

Photo: IK Sleipner


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