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By choosing IBG as your Air Traffic Management partner, you gain access to cutting-edge technology, industry-leading expertise, and a proven track record of success that can help take your operations to the next level.

Next Level of Air Traffic Management

IBG is the global leader in Air Traffic Management solutions, providing innovative and efficient services to customers around the world.

Our mission is to optimize the use of airspace, enhance safety, and increase efficiency while reducing the industry’s environmental footprint. 

Our Driving Values


We know our customers. We anticipate their needs & create solutions. We meet their expectations on delivery. By doing this we become their trusted provider.


We are born global. We harness the rich connections that our multi-cultural work place offers, to be a single winning team.


We nurture a culture in which we accept tough challenges, drive new ideas & develop new technologies & services. We will show agility and timeliness in our response to customer needs.

Comprehensive Solutions


Our airspace department offers airspace & procedure design, sectorization solutions, and associated Flight Procedures, SIDs & STARs to safely optimize the use of airspace.


We offer solutions to enhance safety & increase the throughput within terminal areas & airports by implementing the best practices & improving procedures.


We work closely with customers to identify training requirements & determine workforce needs to support the implementation of airspace & ATM/CNS changes.


We provide turnkey and PMC solutions to upgrade, procure and deploy CNS/ATM equipment to enable and support ANSPs to safely achieve their objectives.


We assist airport Operators to assess the operations against ICAO Standards and Internationally approved best Practices

Levels of Engagement


Consultancy Framework

IBG's Consultancy Framework agreements streamline negotiations, save time, and offer faster consultant deployment. With pre-agreed key contractual terms and a flexible approach, we deliver cost-effective solutions.


Task-Based Consultancy

Our Time-based consultancy model offers a range of services, from small studies to larger infrastructure projects, and our experienced consultants tailor solutions to customers' requirements and needs.


Project Management Consulting

Our flexible, transparent, and internationally best-practice approach ensures the painless delivery of PMC projects on time and within budget. We provide high flexibility to work with clients closely, managing all project risks while providing tangible deliverables.



With Turnkey delivery, IBG works with our partners to offer fully committed solutions for specific work packages, reducing procurement by the client. Our approach includes activity and resource planning, project team organization, risk management, progress monitoring, contract and procurement review, and more.

Driving Positive Environmental Impact with Expertise

Our environmental subject matter experts play a transversal role in the organization & make sure that all our initiatives contribute to positive environmental impact e.g. reduced (CO2) emissions & fuel consumption.


As preparation in front of FIFA World Cup 2022 IBG got the trust to establish a more efficient airspace in Qatar and to improve efficiency on ground at Hamad International Airport in Doha.

Tons CO2 Reduction By 2025

43 000 tons fuel saved = 19,5 million USD saved

Tons CO2 Reduction By 2035

57 000 tons fuel saved = 26 million USD saved

This will improve the air quality in and above Qatar and at the same time improve efficiency, reduce delays and increase security both in air and on ground at Doha International.

Trusted by Our Clients and Partners

IBG’s commitment to transparency, neutrality, and international best practices has resulted in strong relationships with our clients. Our proven track record of successful project delivery has earned us the trust and loyalty of our partners. We strive to exceed expectations and consistently deliver results that meet and exceed our clients’ objectives.


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